Trutech Tools – Testo Smart Probes

testo smart probes

Trutech Tools – Testo Smart Probes

The Testo AC and Refrigeration Smart Probes are not just another fancy tool, no, they are not.

They are HVAC/R pressure and temperature measuring instruments that meet up with accuracy and precision built into a compact and rugged design.

They offer a completely wireless setup and pair with the free Testo Smart Probes app via Bluetooth with a range of up to 50 feet.

The kit includes two high-pressure sensors (549i), two temperature clamps (115i), batteries (AAA), and a certificate of calibration, all stored in a compact case.

One luxury in using the 549i pressure probes is low loss of refrigerant when removing the probes from a system, and no hoses equal reduced loss of charge.

The Smart Probes app contains 80 stored refrigerants, allows the user to view readings in real-time and the app automatically calculates superheat and subcooling.

The app also offers the ability to save measured data to a PDF or Excel file, which can be emailed off to the customer or the office for future reference.  


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