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HVAC Know It All Podcast

If you Googled HVAC podcasts, you’re obviously looking to deep dive into the many subjects within the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration trade for service industry information, technical advice, and HVAC training. 

Who Benefits?

Helpers, apprentices, journeymen, and many other HVAC contractors within the industry usually have an abundance of windshield time driving from site to site.  

Perfect Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for HVAC contractors to turn off repetitive radio stations and keep up with industry topics, education, key industry issues, and learn some tech tips en route to their next job.  

Tackling Topics

On the HVAC Know It All Podcast, we tackle a wide range of topics, from grassroots explanations, technical advice, job site stories, and interviews with industry leaders and front-line skilled trades workers. 

These conversations help us better understand the HVAC system, HVAC science, and the people within the HVAC world.  

I always tell my guests, “it’s just you and I talking shop”.   


HVAC KIA Furnace Repair

This might be a great time to introduce myself. 

My name is Gary McCreadie, and I’m the host of the HVAC Know It All Podcast. 

The name of the podcast is tongue-in-cheek and based on a little humor and some experiences I’ve had through the years dealing with other industry professionals, but nonetheless, a catchy handle. 


I’ve been involved in the HVAC industry since 1998, went through trade school, and worked mainly in commercial service, with experience in commercial refrigeration and critical environments like data centers and pharma. 

I am a licensed refrigeration tech and a G1 gas technician. I have also been involved in HVAC technician training at my former place of business. 

I’m also the owner/creator of HVAC Know It All and recently joined the other small business owners with the opening of McCreadie HVAC And Refrigeration Services Inc.  

Industry Trend

Mini Split Support Tool

As a new business owner, I see a distinctive commercial and residential heating and cooling trend. Inverter ductless systems and heat pump systems seem to be on the most asked list regarding new construction, in my experience so far.

We discuss this a little on this episode with Peter Wolff

Real People

The podcast has been a journey of conversations with many people smarter than myself. A collection of industry professionals willing to give up their time to help teach me and teach the audience that’s come to sharpen their knowledge of the HVAC industry and stay up to date. 

The Struggle Is Real

Struggle is real

An important aspect of the show that I hold with high regard is that we, in the trade and trade hopefuls, are all real people with real-life struggles. We have tackled conversations around addiction and depression and real-life stories that helped shape individuals and what led them to the skilled trades.  

Listen to HVAC Tech Scott Kline speak about how he overcame depression and his journey into HVAC.

Females in the HVACR Industry

HVAC podcast

I have enjoyed watching the insurgence of females within the HVAC trade and have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing these badass women who not only bring a spark but also bring a different perspective to the HVAC/R industry. 

Building Up Other Females

I am proud to have been able to interview these female trendsetters that not only took the plunge into the industry but have also actively promoted themselves and women in the trades in a male-dominated workplace.  

They have provided helpful information to other females looking to enter the HVAC and refrigeration industry using their own success stories.  I can imagine how this can’t be easy, keep it up, ladies; you’re killing it!  

Listen to a live podcast event at CMPX with Brandi Ferenc, Shawna Peddle, and Jessica Bannister. 

Listen to Kansas City based Hannah Dahlor talk about her journey into HVAC..

State Of The Industry Podcast

The industry is filled with opinions, and there are certain topics where opinions differ, and great conversations can arise. For instance, we tackled the “state of the industry” on a round table episode that was enjoyable to be part of. Keep in mind that not all conversations can be opinion based, though.

There are a lot of topics where opinions can’t overshadow methods and facts. On the HVAC Know It All Podcast, we tackle opinion-based topics and also topics that rely on a methodical process to achieve.

Listen to our state of the industry podcast. 

Successful Service Call

amp clamp meter

A very popular episode with Greg Fox from Fox Family HVAC talked about 8 steps to a successful service call and methods that should be considered when receiving and responding to a call. 

This was the perspective of a residential business owner on a residential call, but most of what was said definitely applies to the industrial and commercial side of HVAC as well. 

Excellent Points

Greg brings up some great points, handing out professional advice that new service techs can implement, or even some senior HVAC technicians can use to brush up on their soft and technical skills.  

Check out our conversation. 

Launching My Own Business

McCreadie HVAC and Refrigeration Services Van

I launched McCreadie HVAC And Refrigeration Services in May of 2022 but spent months planning. To help potential business owners, I put together an HVAC podcast series dedicated to my personal journey, giving tips and advice in hopes that it would help ease the pain of service professionals looking to start their own HVAC business.  

An HVAC Business Evolves

“Evolution Of An HVAC Business” is a monthly HVAC podcast series that speaks on ways to build a business from scratch with business development discussions based on my personal experiences.  I have enjoyed the challenge of opening and running a new HVAC business and I hope this series will help others in their journey.  

Check out the first episode of the series. 

Discussing Indoor Air Quality

Fresh-Aire UV APCO-X

A hot industry topic these days is indoor air quality. It propelled to the top of the charts due to the recent Covid19 pandemic. To me, indoor air quality is all about building health, occupant health, and occupant comfort. 

Main Pillars Of IAQ

There are three main pillars of indoor air quality: ventilation, filtration, and humidity control. 

ASHRAE has recently recognized UV as part of a comprehensive plan to elevate indoor air quality in homes and buildings. We’ve had many conversations around indoor air quality on the HVAC Know It All Podcast and will have many more.  

Listen to Brandon Glancy from AprilAire speak on Indoor Air Quality. 

Listen to Aaron Engel from Fresh-Aire UV speak about UV misconceptions.

Sheet Metal Is Not My Thing

Because of my background, which is heavy in commercial service, sheet metal is my self-admitted kryptonite. As a new business owner, I have had to learn some metal skills. If I want to swap out a furnace or air conditioner within a forced air system, sheet metal is definitely part of that process.

I contacted Craig Migliaccio from AC Service Tech to discuss sheet metal basics and basic tin-banging tools.

We covered some steps that make transitioning from service tech to tin slayer easier. 

Final Thoughts on the HVAC Know It All Podcast

The entire mission of the show is to keep the lines of communication open to new ideas and the latest advances but also to keep it a little old school.  The HVAC and Refrigeration industry is big, very big, and constantly changing. Anything from tools, methods, equipment, and business advice is ever-evolving and needs constant attention, or they may pass you by. 

Listening to the HVAC Know It All Podcast will help keep you sharp, stay up to date, and give you an edge over the competition regarding knowledge and understanding of the trade.

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