A few months back in My HVAC Hub powered by HVAC Know It All, my private discussion group on Facebook, I asked a question for fun.  “If you won the lottery, would you continue to work in the industry?”  Perhaps not the exact wording, but something pretty close.  I received one answer that instantaneously blew my mind…”I would open an HVAC school,” wow!  To be fully honest, when I realized who the answer came from, it instantly made sense.  

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Introducing Ulises Palacios, some of you know the name, some of you know the man himself.  I first encountered Ulises on YouTube I believe, he commented on my videos from time to time and did so in a respectful yet enthusiastic manner.  I’m not implying he was enthusiastic about my videos, not for a minute, I’m merely stating that he was enthusiastic because the videos were HVAC related.  This is the very first installment of’s Wall of Fame and I couldn’t think of a better person to lead off.  Ulises has a flare for the trade, when you watch his videos on YouTube, his knowledge and passion stick out like a soar thumb and you can understand why he would want to invest his lottery earnings to teach others.  If you bump into Ulises in a Facebook group or on Instagram, give him a holla. My absolute favourite, is when others within a discussion may disagree with him, does he get mad? Nope…Does he insult? Nope.  He blasts nay sayers with information, not opinion.  He backs up his claims with manufacturer’s literature, videos, etc. and he is not afraid to share his library of technical treasures with others to help educate them, I call it the, “Ulises Factor.”  He is a true class act that I enjoy running into in the small small world of HVAC social media.

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“Anytime you get to a call and you find the breaker tripped always pull out your meter and check for anything that might be grounded or shorted out. Lock out and tag out the breaker or panel. I was working on a packaged unit and the breaker was tripped. I took the cover off and I was visually inspecting the system. At that time the maintenance man was downstairs and flipped on the tripped breaker. The compressor blew a terminal and sprayed me with oil and refrigerant. Luckily it didn’t get my face and I was close enough to run to the disconnect and kill power there. I have a video of it on my YouTube channel.” – Ulises Palacios

Ulises takes up residence in Arlington, Texas and works out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  His resume of work is impressive which includes, ammonia refrigeration systems, commercial refrigeration and commercial heating and air conditioning.  He takes pride in his troubleshooting skills and is not fearful to be on the cutting edge of new and exciting tools and products.  Ulises has experienced Dewalt, Rigid and Milwaukee, loves his Testo and Appion gadgets and believes that the BlueVac vacuum gauge is the best on the market.  He shares his love of Refrigeration Technologies products with myself and adores Nyolg and Big Blu.  He is also a huge fan of Jim Bergmann and the Measure Quick app.  Ulises is a busy man, currently working 50 hours a week.  Family and motor cross are his go to when kicking back and enjoying life.  

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The passion for his trade can not be measured but it can be admired.  Keep up the good work and all the bad ass HVACing Ulises!

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