In early 2018, Testo introduced the 440 air flow testing and measurement kit.  It’s a fully comprehensive kit that offers many functions.  One clear advantage, is that all the probes are available in Bluetooth to avoid wire clutter.  It gets better, the cable handle and Bluetooth handle are compatible with all probe attachments, this saves space and allows for ease of use.  Testo has made it extremely easy to add/remove probes, which helps speed up the job when switching from probe to probe.  The video below shows a quick bench test of the 100mm Bluetooth Vane Probe working in junction with the handheld 440.  


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In accordance with EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55 the 440 menus include volume flow, degree of turbulence, and K factor.  Programed into the unit are more features like heating/cooling output and mold detection.  The list of probes currently available are in abundance and can be found here with this excellent PDF breakdown.  A list of available menus included with the 440 can be found here .  The mold detection menu can be used to create an advantage over the competition, a mold detection test is not something that many HVAC contractors offer and could help generate business as far as upgrading IAQ methods.  The 323 Air Quality Probe includes a method for testing carbon dioxide (CO2).  CO2 is over looked quite often in IAQ testing.  High levels in the range of 1000ppm and over can cause a range of symptoms including tiredness, headaches, etc.  More info on CO2 levels can be found here in my HVAC Tip article.  Check out a demo of the 323 air quality probe below measuring outdoor air compared to indoor air.  

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