The Real Me

I’m just a good old Canadian boy with a great family, two supporting parents, three rambunctious boys and a beautiful wife, taking up residence in a small town just north of Toronto, Ontario.

I immigrated from Scotland with my parents when I was two years old.  Aye, I’m a gid ole Scottish lad! 

And no, I’ve never eaten haggis or played the bagpipes haha! 

I had no idea what to do with my life after high school, and my father recommended HVAC…

So, I enrolled in a refrigeration course at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. 

I had no previous experience handling tools whatsoever, this was gonna be tough…I stuck with it and began to enjoy what I was learning. My grades were a reflection of this; I’m not trying to brag at all; just laying out the facts.

During the summers, I would ride along with residential companies to gain some field experience. 

After completing the course at Humber, I handed out resumes to many different companies, and it wasn’t long before I received a phone call. 

I was hired after two interviews, and 17.5 years later, I’m a senior tech with the same company that gave me my first real start.  Thank you!

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Introducing the HVAC Know It All

I have been involved in such a variety of work over the years in a commercial and industrial setting and I was taught by some great techs and even some not-so-great techs along the way.

I began to read comments within HVAC groups on social media over the last year and a half, I wasn’t impressed by most of it, not whatsoever.

There was a lot of hatred, negativity, and bashing, and there was a complete lack of respect and shoulders to lean on. 

I decided to put my experience and positive outlook to good use, so I began HVAC Know It All on Facebook.

It started out small, I would write about my day, my jobs, and my HVAC life.

I would relay this info to a tiny audience. 

It began to grow over time, and the feedback was incredible. 

I stood up against those with negative viewpoints in an attempt to turn them towards a positive culture. 

Some were just too far gone; some did see the bigger picture, apologized, and, until this day, remain relatively optimistic. 

The HVAC Know It All brand now resides on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook (two groups) with approximately 28,000 followers. 

I share the work of others in a positive light and encourage those who comment to do so constructively.

It has been a challenge at times, but always trending in the right direction. 

I am also very proud that My HVAC Hub powered by HVAC Know It All (a private Facebook group) is such a multi-cultural HVAC hot spot.

I grew up in multi cultural settings, which is the norm for me.

What I didn’t realize was the amount of work it would take to engage with followers constantly.

I have done my absolute best to keep up, and I enjoy the back-and-forth banter with all of you. 

You see, I’m not an HVAC Know It All, I have never claimed to be.

Within the name I chose, you will find sarcasm with a bit of twisted humor; the name was chosen to reflect a large portion of individuals who claim to Know It All, but, in reality, fail to advance their thinking.

But in the realm of positivity, with information sharing and helpful advice, maybe one day we can all become closer to Know It All status!  

I respect everyone with a good heart and good intentions, no matter which part of the globe they are from. 

Check out this video by Classified featuring Mr Lahey. RIP. 

Some entertainment value that reflects from which part of the globe I have put pen to paper.

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Gary McCreadie

Gary McCreadie is an HVAC tech, the creator of, the HVAC Know It All Podcast, and owner of McCreadie HVAC & Refrigeration Services

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