Back in fifteenth century Japan, the Ninja were known as mercenaries or spies responsible for sabotage, assassination, espionage and many other devious actions.  Being the complete opposite of the honourable Samurai, who would battle face to face with their opponent, the Ninja would carry out their mission in the shadows with covert style tactics.  These days, the legend of the Ninja carries belief of mystical power, walking on water, the ability to disappear and re-appear at will and so on.  According to ancient history, if we were to insert the HVAC Ninja into modern times, they would set fire to their customer’s homes and businesses, possibly commit murder and would definitely recommend system replacement at each and every service call.  But, one thing that can not be argued, is the Ninja’s mindset when carrying out their assigned task.  They execute with skill, accuracy, and the mission at hand is not only a job, but a task they relish.  So for arguments sake, we will focus on the positive attributes of the Ninja as it relates to the HVAC industry. 

To become an HVAC Ninja we must align ourselves and focus.  We must understand there are certain attributes that must be obtained to reach Shinobi warrior status.  If we unrolled an ancient scroll depicting the HVAC Ninja, here is what it might look like.  


In order to be great at anything, training is key to success.  Training comes in all shapes and sizes, reading books, internet research, supply house courses and seminars, institutional education and in field applications.  If you truly want to reach HVAC Ninja status I recommend using a combination of these training outlets in order reach your potential.  


Outside of busy family life, you must live, eat and breath the great trade you have chosen to earn a living.  Without dedication, your skills and knowledge will be subpar to that of your co-workers and peers within the industry. Dedication should come with a hard nosed approach, that approach should include an eagerness to never give up. 

Tools To Succeed

Just like Ninja weaponry, the HVAC Ninja must possess the proper tools to complete the task.  Trusted, quality, diagnostic instruments, power tools, specialty tools and hand tools will only help you succeed in each job whether it be installation or service.  If you can not trust the tools you are using, you can not trust the diagnosis you have made or the quality of the installation you have performed.  

Master And Student

All students must have a Master.  A Master should possess certain qualities in order for the student to gain maximum knowledge.  A Master need not be ignorant, they must be patient, honest, and approachable.  A Master must also have a willingness to learn along with their student, and help guide them in the right direction without revealing all of their wisdom, the student must learn to develop their own path from the information passed down.  The student must carefully chose their Master, if the chosen Master does not live up to the task, the path you follow could be dark and distorted with misinformation.  

Now that you have obtained the correct tools, dedicated yourself through training and chosen a mentor.  You are now ready to embark on your journey. 

massugu jibon no kotoba wa magenee ore no nindou da

I won’t go back on my words.  That’s my Ninja way!

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